Glenn Horner, VP Research, AltranexGlenn Horner, Co-founder & Advisor, was a founder and VP of business development at Aprilis, a manufacturer of holographic media and data storage systems.  Prior to founding Aprilis, he held technical and executive positions at Polaroid over 12 years, most recently in the dual role of Program Manager and Department Manager in the R&D division. Dr. Horner holds degrees in Chemistry with honors from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from University of Chicago. He is a co-author on eight peer-reviewed publications and five patents.

Scott Austin, Board of Directors, Altranex, is General Manager of Minnesota Soybean Processors, a $500MM company producing soybean meal, oil and biodiesel as well as several other commodity products that are marketed globally, both direct to end users and through distributors.  MnSP is a vertically integrated company that handles all marketing, sales, logistics and finance functions internally.  Mr. Austin’s career spans over 25 years of leadership and operations management and includes 9 years in the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer, serving as plant manager in the chemical/plastics industry producing consumer goods and most recently, in the agriculture industry managing start-up ethanol facilities for Poet Biorefining and Northstar Ethanol, selling management information systems to Ag processors and advising on grain procurement and risk management strategies.  He also served as a senior VP of operations and regional GM for a medium sized manufacturer of liquid CO2.  Previous experience include Tyco, DuPont/Pioneer and Johns Manville. Mr. Austin holds a BS from Northern Kentucky University and a MBA from University of St. Thomas, MN.  He has Six Sigma Black Belt and Champion training and Lean Process Management Certification.