USPTO issues Altranex Corporation’s first patent

Altranex has received notification from the United States Patent & Trademark Office that its first Patent has been allowed.  Patent 8,961,775 was issued on 24 February 2015 and holds a priority date of 1 February 2011.

“The issuance of this patent validates the novel technical approach that Altranex has developed to transform biologically derived oils and fats into high performance lubricants (Altra-BASE™),” said Chad Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO. “In independent evaluations by international motor oil producers, Altra-BASE exhibits performance characteristics of synthetic motor oils but can be produced from multiple low-cost renewable sources less expensively than existing synthetic, petroleum-based motor oils.  This process offers a much higher value use of feedstock typically used for bio-diesel”.

“Altra-BASE is a bio-based substitute for petro-chemicals where the performance actually exceeds the product being replaced,” said Glenn Horner, Co-Founder.  “And in addition to exceptional performance, Altra-BASE has a lower carbon footprint than petroleum-based lubricants.”

Altranex is a Kingston, Ontario-based developer of Altranex high performance lubricants for automotive and industrial applications produced from biological oils and fats.


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